Jamie Stillway

Friday, May 11   10:30 AM - 12:00 PM
NOTE: This Workshop requires a separately purchaced ticket in addition to General Admission (see below).

    Developing Your Own Style in Fingerstyle

    Has your fingerpicking groove developed into a rut?   As fingerpicking guitar is often taught via specific songs, the advancing player might begin wondering how to embellish the tunes in his or her repertoire, or maybe even how to improvise freely, instead of always playing by rote.   This workshop is intended to give you some new ways to practice and to set your own path as a fingerstyle player.   We’ll discuss ways to develop thumb/finger independence via scales and harmonized string pairs, incorporating new right hand techniques such as banjo rolls, and but not least, ways to develop a meaningful relationship with your metronome.


    About Jamie

    Since moving to Portland, Oregon in 2002, Jamie Stillway has quietly been making her mark in the world of fingerstyle guitar.   She has toured nationally and internationally, received an endorsement from Stevens Custom Guitars of Munich, and has become an in-demand instructor; teaching at the Healdsburg Guitar Festival, California Coast Music Camp, and Puget Sound Guitar Workshop.   She has self-released 3 albums of original compositions, and her style of playing has brought comparisons to Leo Kottke, Django Reinhardt, Bill Frisell, Rev. Gary Davis and more.   Her most recent release is a collection of solo compositions recorded live at Portland's Secret Society Studios.
    “Mixing up genres without pretension, the nimble Stillway moves freely with wit and creative restlessness.”
    - Jazz Times
    “Cerebral jazz with blues roots and humor. Instrumental guitar at its best.” - The Oregonian


    Friday, May 11   10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

    Civic Garden Club
    Map - 622 South Second St.  La Conner, WA
    Tickets:  $30 in advance - online   $35 at the box office (located in Maple Hall during festival hours)

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