Doors to the Luthiers Exhibition Hall will open at 11:00 AM daily
    Below is the list of our Excellent Exhibiting Luthiers.  Exhibitor list is suject to change.

  • Steve Andersen

    Andersen Stringed Instruments

    Steve Andersen
    Seattle, Washington

    Archtops, Flat tops, Mandolins

  • Beneteau Guitars

    Beneteau Guitars

    Marc Beneteau
    St. Thomas, Ontario

    Steelstring Flat top Guitars

  • Loïc Bortot

    Bouchereau Guitars

    Loïc Bortot
    Quebec City, Quebec

    Steelstring Flat Top Guitars

  • Boswell Guitars

    Boswell Guitars

    Butch Boswell
    Bend, Oregon

    Steelstring Flat Top Guitars

  • Bright Guitars

    Bright Guitars

    Will Bright
    Bellingham, Washington

    Acoustic & Electric Guitars & Mandolins

  • Curly Creek Guitars

    Curly Creek Guitars

    John Carrigan
    Port Orchard, Washington

    Steelstring Flat top Guitars

  • guitarmasterworks


    John Decker
    Wailuku, Maui, Hawaii

    Classical & Flamenco Guitars

  • Mike Doolin

    Doolin Guitars

    Mike Doolin
    Portland, Oregon

    Double Cutaways - All types of guitars

  • Joe Dragony Guitars

    Joe Dragony Guitars

    Joe Dragony
    Carmichael, California

    Archtop, Flat top, & Electric Guitars

  • Bryan Galloup

    Galloup Guitars

    Bryan Galloup
    Big Rapids, Michigan

    Steelstring Flat top & Archtop Guitars

  • Greg Greman

    German Guitars

    Greg German
    Broomfield, Colorado

    Steelstring Flat top & Archtop Guitars

  • Steve Grimes

    Grimes Guitars

    Steve Grimes
    Kula, Hawaii

    Archtop & Double Sound hole Flatop

  • Sam Guidry

    Sam Guidry Guitars

    Sam Guidry
    Big Rapids, Michigan

    Steelstring Flatops & Classical Guitars

  • Haxton Stringed Instruments

    Haxton Stringed Instruments

    David Haxton
    Seattle, Washington

    Steelstring Flat top Guitars

  • C.F. Holcomb Guitars

    C.F. Holcomb Guitars

    Christopher Holcomb
    Santa Cruz, California

    Archtops, Flat tops, Electrics, & Resonators

  • JBH Guitars

    JBH Guitars

    Josh Humphrey
    Ellensburg, Washington

    Guitars, Mandolins, Bouzoukis, Ouds

  • Lamehorse Instruments

    Lamehorse Instruments

    Chris & Jeremy Jenkins
    Mansfield, Texas - Austin, Texas

    Innovative Flat top Guitars, Banjos

  • Michael Kennedy

    Indian Hill Guitars

    Michael Kennedy
    Montreal, Quebec

    Steelstring Flat Top Guitars

  • Steve Klein & Steve Kauffman

    Klein/Kauffman Guitars

    Steve Klein & Steve Kauffman
    Vineburg, California - Eugene, Oregon

    Innovative Designs

  • Jeff Letain

    Letain Guitars

    Jeff Letain
    Vancouver Island, British Columbia

    Steelstring flat top & Archtop guitars

  • Roy McAlister

    McAlister Guitars

    Roy McAlister
    Gig Harbor, Washington

    Steelstring Flat top Guitars

  • Michael McCarthy

    McCarthy Stringed Instruments

    Michael McCarthy
    Berkeley, California

    Archtop Guitars

  • Brent McElroy

    McElroy Guitars

    Brent McElroy
    La Conner, Washington

    Steelstring Flat top & Classical Guitars

  • Randy S. Muth

    RS Muth Guitars

    Randy S. Muth
    Hamilton, New York

    Steelstring Flat Top Guitars

  • Duane Noble

    DL Noble Guitars

    Duane Noble
    Richland, Washington

    Flat tops, Harp Guitars, Ukuleles, Harp Ukuleles

  • Tom Ribbecke

    Ribbecke Guitars

    Tom Ribbecke
    Healdsburg, California

    Archtop Guitars

  • Jay Rosenblatt

    Jay Rosenblatt Guitars

    Jay Rosenblatt
    West Orange, New Jersey

    Steelstring Flat Top & Classical Guitars

  • Patrick Schachle

    Schachle Guitars

    Patrick Schachle
    Everett, Washington

    Steelstring Flat Top Guitars

  • Sheldon Schwartz

    Schwartz Guitars

    Sheldon Schwartz
    Loretto, Ontario

    Modern Steelstring Fingerstyle Guitars

  • FE Tellier Guitars

    FE Tellier Guitars

    Fred Tellier
    Windsor, Ontario

    Steelstring Flat top Guitars

  • John Thayer

    J. Thayer Guitars

    John Thayer
    Bremerton, Washington

    Steelstring Flat Top & Electric Guitars

  • Thorell Fine Guitars

    Thorell Fine Guitars

    Ryan Thorell
    West Logan, Utah

    Archtop & Flat top Guitars

  • John Walker

    John Walker Guitars

    John Walker
    Petty Creek, Montana

    Steelstring Flat Top Guitars

  • Greg Weber Guitars

    Greg Weber Guitars

    Greg Weber
    Portland, Oregon

    Steelstring, Classical, & Electric Guitars

  • Eric Weigeshoff

    Skytop Guitars

    Eric Weigeshoff
    New Paltz, New York

    Steelstring Flat top guitars

  • Maegen Wells

    Maegen Wells Guitars

    Maegen Wells
    Forestville, California

    Archtop & Flat Top Guitars & Mandolins

  • Wyatt Wilkie

    Wilkie Stringed Instruments

    Wyatt Wilkie
    Royston, British Columbia

    Archtop Guitars & Mandolins

  • Paul Woolson

    Woolson Soundcraft

    Paul Woolson
    Madison, Wisconsin

    Steelstring Flat top & Archtop guitars

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